Peet Dryer

The dry-feet-by-Peet legacy began in 1968, in nature's wonderland - a place called St. Maries, Idaho - where inventor and sportsman Gene Peet developed the very first footwear dryer. He did it because he simply got fed up with waking up to soggy boots - and the discomfort that put his feet through. After making a bunch of his dryers to satisfy pleading friends and relatives, Gene decided that his invention was worth starting a business, to share his enjoyment of "PEET® Dry" comfort with everyone.

Gene's son, Blair, started building PEET products at just ten-years-old, when production, assembly and packing was done around the family kitchen table. The business quickly outgrew the kitchen, as outdoorsmen discovered that special feeling of PEET Dry. The talented Peets designed and built machines that increased production, without sacrificing their high quality benchmark - a PEET product trait that continues to be heartily appreciated.

Peet Dryer - Multi Dryer
Price: $79.99
Peet Dryer - The Original PEET Dryer
Price: $49.99
Peet Dryer - O3 Odor Eliminator
Price: $69.99

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