Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is synonymous with excellent quality, design and craftsmanship. Since 1879 the people of Dale have been crafting unique yarns and knitwear, and today we are proud to be the world's leading brand of authentic and exclusive Norwegian knitwear. Our designs are inspired by the mannificent nature that surrounds us and our love for the mountains and great outdoors. Norwegians have long traditions in wearing knitwear for both sport and leisure, and a woollen sweater from Dale of Norway is for many the obvious choice while enjoying the nature and mountain life. Many of our top styles are lined with the highly breathable 100% Gore WIndstopper lining in addition to being treated with Teflon, which makes the sweater water, snow and soil repellent.

 - Syv Fjell Men's Jacket
Price: $260.00
 - Hovden Men's Jacket
Price: $270.00
 - Trondheim Men’s Jacket
Price: $250.00
 - Skansen Men's Jacket
Price: $275.00
 - Christoffer Men's Jacket
Price: $400.00
 - Brimse Men's Jacket
Price: $285.00
 - Geilo Men's Jacket
Price: $280.00
 - Myking Men's Sweater
Price: $400.00
 - Rondane Men's Sweater
Price: $230.00
 - Lahti Men's Sweater
Price: $280.00

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