Polar Mitts

In 1997, Melody Anderson began making warm mittens with her two daughters as a sewing project. Her friend, Judy Berg, saw these mittens and said, "Make more of these, the teachers at my school will love them!"... and Polar Mitts was born. One school quickly expanded to 125 schools, local craft fairs, and eventually to gift and department stores across the United States.

This cottage industry has expanded to include not only mittens, but scarves, hats and headbands for the entire family. Many fabrics are exclusively made for Polar Mitts. All designing and sewing is done by Melody in her home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Polar Mitts is co-owned and run by Melody and her number one supporter and husband, John. All credit for creativity, talent and energy comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Polar Mitts - Buffalo Plaid Mittens
Price: $34.00
Polar Mitts - Flap Hat
Price: $32.00
Polar Mitts - Faux Animal Mittens
Price: $34.00
Polar Mitts - Buffalo Plaid Dress Hat
Price: $30.00
Polar Mitts - Scarf
Price: $30.00
Polar Mitts - Buffalo Plaid Headband
Price: $16.00
Polar Mitts - Classic Polar Mitts
Price: $34.00
Polar Mitts - Classic Scarf
Price: $30.00
Polar Mitts - Classic Dress Hat
Price: $28.00
Polar Mitts - Soft Swirl Mittens
Price: $34.00

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