It's Just Soap

All of our natural soaps are made with base oils that create a hard, moisturizing bar with lots of rich lather. All contain softening glycerin, which is a by-product of the soapmaking process. Some are additionally enriched with emollients, exfoliating, and pore-cleansing additives.

Some are further enhanced and felted with 100% alpaca fiber. The felting helps to conserve the bar of soap so it lasts longer... plus the fiber is anti-bacterial! The fiber also acts as an exfoliant by removing dull, dead skin cells to expose new ones. This is great for the skin. Felted soap is practical and beautiful!

It's Just Soap - Mountain Rain
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Lemongrass and Sage
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Almond Oatmeal
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Stone Henge
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Apple Cinnamon
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Lemon Verbena
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Spice
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Stud Suds
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Tuscan Sun
Price: $6.00
It's Just Soap - Seaside Cotton
Price: $6.00

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