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Bright River

The Bright River blanket is a brilliant interpretation of the Navajo weaving style known as the Eye Dazzler. In it vibrant color flows and indulates like sunset reflected on the waters of a Southwest river. Mesmerzing designs such as these appeared during the Transitional period (1880-1895) when Navajo weavers shifted from making blankets to crafting rugs. During that time traders introduced Germantrown yarns via the Santa Fe Railroad. The colorful, 4-ply wool yarns were produced at textile mills in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Unlike traditional handspun yarns, these new yarns boasted consistent textures and fabulours new colors from commercial aniline dyes. The encourgeed experimentation, innovation and creativity among the weavers. Intricate new designs were influnenced by the dramatic serapes woven in northern Mexico. Borrowing from the elaborate serrated diamonds of Rio Grande/Saltillo serapes, navajo weavers created eye-dazzling optical effects in brilliant new color palettes. Unnapped, whipstitch binding. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

Color: 52872 - Fire Red
Style: ZE493 - Robe, ZD522 - Queen, ZD523 - KIng,XP051 - Standard Sham
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