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Bemidji Woolen Mills - MINNESOTA - A History


By William E. Lass

Coming from the eastern United States and Europe, particularly from Scandinavia, the immigrants who settled Minnesota in the nineteenth century found a vast land that challenged their talents and energy. They forged three empires that would make their state significant in American history: from the rich prairies, wheat; from great forests of evergreens and hardwoods, lumber; and on the shores of Lake Superior, in beds just beneath the ground, huge deposits of iron ore. In this concise survey, William E. Lass tells the story of Minnesota from its beginnings to the present, including its political history, marked by farm protest movements and the creation of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. He describes twentieth-century changes in the traditional frontier business and recent developments in Minnesota society, such as rapidly increasing metropolitanism, a new focus on environmental issues, and the conservative resurgence in present-day politics.

ISBN 0-393-31971-7

Color: As shown in the pic.
Size: 6 in. X 9 in.
Style: Softcover - 2nd Edition
Price: $15.95
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