For over 100 years, Filson's trademark has been "Might as Well Have the Best." Filson outdoor clothing and luggage have a reputation of lasting a lifetime, witnessed by the fact that they are passed down from fathers to sons to grandsons.

Filson designs and manufactures their products in the USA, most of them at the factory in Seattle. They make clothing, luggage and leather accessories that will stand up to the worst possible conditions, yet they're comfortable enough to use and wear everyday. Their natural fabrics are the finest available, and they've stood the test of time even with extremely rugged use.

In 1914, founder C.C.Filson said "...our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance." The same is true of every Filson today. The Filson guarantee for over 100 years has never changed.

 - Insulated Packer Hat
Price: $85.00
 - Travel Kit
Price: $125.00
 - Big Game Upland Hat
Price: $85.00
 - Duffle-Medium
Price: $395.00
 - Filson Oil Finish Wax
Price: $10.00
 - Tote Bag without Zipper
Price: $175.00
 - Wildfowl Cap
Price: $85.00
 - Insulated Tin Cloth Cap
Price: $65.00
 - Shelter Cloth Packer Hat
Price: $55.00
 - Tin Cloth Packer Hat
Price: $55.00
 - Shot Shell Bag
Price: $60.00

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