Turtle Fur

Where does anything begin but with an idea and a dream? Each of our uniquely individual brands here at The Turtle Fur Group has its own story, inspiration and voice, supported by an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, support of family and community, and love and respect for our planet...all while having fun.

Turtle Fur was founded over 30 years ago at the base of Mount Mansfield in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA, where our family of Turtles lovingly crafted softness and warmth to fend off the foes of winter.

Our Turtles are inspired to design unique, innovative, and constantly evolving hats, necks, socks, gloves, clavas and more by our love for the outdoors (and indoors), and our endless search for new and old materials, techniques and styles.

 - Chuquisaca
Price: $46.00
 - Kids The Hat
Price: $12.00
 - Tapacari
Price: $46.00
 - Turtle Band™
Price: $8.50
 - Fancy Fur Hat With Scarf
Price: $52.00
 - Hugo
Price: $46.00
 - Kids Turtle's Neck®
Price: $9.50
 - Micro Fur™ Balaclava
Price: $19.00
 - Sajama
Price: $46.00
 - The Hat
Price: $13.00
 - Che
Price: $46.00
 - Kids Turtle Band™
Price: $8.50
 - Shellaclava®
Price: $20.00

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